Stong's Market

Revitalizing an Icon

Stong’s is a long-standing fixture in Vancouver. Acting on plans to open a new store and move the current iconic location in Dunbar, Stong’s worked with local agency 123w to develop a new brand identity around the idea of Stong’s tried old-world values meet the modern shopper.

Bringing Nostalgic Modern To Life

 We took the strong brand identity system developed a couple years before launch, and while looking for meaningful places to bring it life, decided to introduce some new assets into the family. We commissioned local illustrator Tom Froese to create a suite of over 40 illustrations in a modernized vector style, combined with a traditional watercolour motif. The vibrant colours and playful textures brought applications in the store to life everywhere from bags, gift cards, and department signage to a giant 60-foot wall mural on the NorthWoods south-facing wall.