SKYE Footwear

Smarter Athleisure

With the athleisure footwear market blowing up, the SKYE Footwear team knew they were onto something significant after spending 2 years to master a shoe that delivered the magic balance of trend-beating style combined with true, engineered comfort. This isn’t for grandma.

True Comfort

 The idea of true comfort symbolized SKYE’s commitment to pure engineered physical comfort, but without ignoring the importance of the other comforts: knowing you look good, knowing you’re supporting a company with morals, and knowing the product you’re buying isn’t harmful to the planet. The team believed this was an idea for the future of footwear, ready for one of the toughest competitive product markets. We created a distinct, future-feeling but approachable wordmark, with a unique and punchy brand colour, and a distinct photography style where all talent are subtly floating off the ground – just how it feels to wear the shoes. The brand has come to life on product, merchandising, promotional materials, and an ecommerce website.