Domenica Fiore

Lost In Translation

The Italian olive oil category is a category of conventions; many brands name their oils “olio” and often use an Italian descriptor to qualify the type of olio, like “novello”. You could have a dozen olio novellos on one shelf. Domenica Fiore embraced this Italian convention, but it has been coming at the expense of familiarity and distinction for the parent brand.

A More Colourful Story

The brand and label redesign started with two tasks: clarify the brand-product hierarchy for consumers, and strengthen the brand storytelling to create a meaningful connection from label to product to brand. First, we enhanced legibility of the logo without changing its size on all labels, and used a single consistent logo colour across the whole family of products. We realigned the product brand colours to establish a proper shelf set of distinct products. Finally, we introduced the new shell-to-branch illustrations to highlight Domenica Fiore’s unique farming conditions, where the mineral rich soil contains ancient sea shells that produce the most exquisite, award-winning oils.